Delivering a reliable, durable vehicle requires component parts that are up to the job. Quality parts infer reliability, and using them allows us to focus on other aspects of the engineering, like safety. In both cases, if things go wrong, the priority needs to be getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. We’ve selected Tier 1 suppliers and heavyweights of the automotive industry to work with. From design and development, through to testing, manufacturing, and aftersales support, we’re making reliability and service a priority for the entire life cycle of the new taxi.

Proven experts and specialists in electric vehicle technology were a must. Only tried and tested suppliers with global experience can deliver the quality and standards we are demanding.

That’s why working with our sister company, Volvo, plays such an important part of the new electric taxi’s development. Renowned for their safety and engineering innovations, they were a natural and obvious choice as one of our component suppliers. Together with parent company Geely, that means our vehicle has benefited from huge investment and millions of development miles, and puts a wealth of expertise and a globally established supply chain at our disposal. In turn, both passengers and drivers can expect a supremely comfortable ride.

No carry over parts

The new electric taxi has been redesigned from the ground up to ensure maximum comfort, reliability, and range. This means there are no carry over parts from our current taxi. Every new component has had to be meticulously sourced. Each part has been developed to a brand-new engineering requirement, and the highest durability standards we have ever set; from the brake hoses to the bumper brackets – everything is designed with durability in mind.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams have developed a detailed process to identify potential partners and thoroughly evaluate their products.

Rigorous inspection procedures

This development of long-term relationships means we are able to ensure partners remain focused on delivering top quality products that are cost-effective for our customers, and by supporting our business, the future success of our partners is also ensured. The growing strength of the UK automotive sector means that far more of our components will be sourced from within the UK, and already those partners and suppliers are benefiting directly from our development and close relationship building: SAPA Group, our specialist aluminium supplier, has been able to re-open one of its previously unused factories due to increased demand. Also, over 1,000 new jobs have been created at our Ansty production site. But this is just the start. As we develop and grow further, you can expect to see more jobs, more partnerships and more opportunities being created.

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The vehicle price is yet to be released however we will share it with subscribers of this website first.
The taxi goes on sale in London at the beginning of Q4 2017 and on sale everywhere else from 2018.
Thanks for your interest and please continue to read our emails to learn more about the vehicle.


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