An extraordinary amount of thought and dedication has been put into the creation of the new electric taxi – yet the skill and knowledge of the officially licensed taxi drivers who drive them is just as crucial to our reputation. Their years of study and training ensure that there is no safer, quicker, or more comfortable way to get from one place to another in your town or city.


Read the profiles below for a window into the background and achievements of our TX drivers.



John Dowd

John has been a taxi driver for nine years. He’s been impressed by the genuine camaraderie that cabbies show, and all the people he’s met as part of such a unique career. His visit to Ansty to see the TX being built has fuelled his excitement for the eCity event and getting behind the wheel of his TX.

He’s so looking forward to it, he’s even hinted he’ll be increasing his hours on the job, just to put the TX through its paces

John has had a Chargemaster unit installed at his home, and will again be reporting back to us on what living with the TX and the convenience of the built-in unit is like.


Patrick Follen

Patrick is excited and honoured to be part of the eCity event, and to be one of the first to take to the road in a TX. He also hopes that local authorities and governing bodies can follow LEVC’s lead and introduce an entire new generation of public service vehicles into our cities, making them greener and safer as a result.

With a Chargemaster unit already installed, we’re looking forward to Patrick being able to maximise his earning potential from the comfort of his own home.

Patrick clocks up anything up to 600 miles as part of his working week, and will be keeping us updated on how high mileage usage and the TX are a perfect match.


Peter Powell

Peter is a proud grandfather who works and lives in Central London. He has been a taxi driver for twenty-one years. From starting behind the wheel of a Fairway, to his current ‘16’ plate TX4, Peter has owned and driven many of our iconic vehicles over the last two decades.

Peter lives in a ground-floor flat, with limited access to charging points in his local area. He’ll be reporting back to us on the ease of charging his TX, and the support and infrastructure in place for those without these facilities.

One benefit of getting a new TX is that for the first time, even with all five of his grandchildren in the back, he’ll still have a seat to spare.

Meet the drivers in person 

Hosted by LEVC, our driver forums give taxi drivers the opportunity speak to their fellow peers and learn what life is like operating the new electric taxi. Check the calendar to see if we’ll be in your area soon.