We’ve told you about the government grants and incentives which have been set up to make purchasing a new TX easier, but that’s only one part of what makes the TX affordable for drivers. Even more significant are the huge fuel savings made possible by our unique eCity technology.

Because electricity is cheaper than diesel, the typical fuel saving for a driver of our current model has been estimated at close to £100 per week, and over a 5-year period this could be as much as a £24k saving in fuel.

Want to know how this is possible? Read the typical example based on the working week of a current London TX4 driver.

Typical Fuel Saving Example

If you drive 120 miles per day, 5 days per week, your weekly travel is 600 miles.

TX4 LE (Euro 6)

With the current cost of diesel at 117.7p per litre, your estimated weekly fuel spend is £139.

TX (The new Electric Taxi with eCity Technology)

In comparison, by owning a TX and charging the battery overnight you’ll be able to leave your house each day with a fully charged battery. At the national average electricity price of 12p per kW, this would cost you about £16 each week. If you’re on an economy 7 tariff that cost could be even lower.

For this example, we’ve also assumed you’re able to stop for a total of 45 minutes each day to plug into a fast charge point. Based on an average cost per kW of 21p, this would cost around £17 per week.

We’ve adjusted the official projected electric range (70+ miles) to a real-world figure. Thanks to the charging opportunities shown above you would travel 520 miles per week on pure electric energy; that means the petrol range extender is only required for the remaining 80 miles per week. At £116.7p per litre of petrol we estimate this range extender mileage would cost £10 per week.

In total that’s a fuel cost of £43 per week for the new Electric Taxi compared to £139 a week in diesel to fuel a TX4 – giving you a weekly fuel saving of £96.

Over a 5-year period, the savings really add up, in fact the above example equates to a total fuel cost saving of around £24,000.

This illustrates how much you could save if you maximise the range offered by driving in pure EV mode. However, we understand that in some areas it may not be possible to access a charge point during the day or even overnight. Thanks to the eCity technology, the petrol range extender will offer drivers over 400 miles of driving between plug ins – meaning you’ll always be able to accept that last fare irrespective of how much charge is left in your battery.




See how much you could save

We appreciate this typical example may not apply to your work patterns and circumstances. If that’s the case, please follow the link below and use our interactive Running Cost Calculator to compare the cost of driving your current taxi against the cost of running a TX – and see the indicative fuel savings you could achieve by switching to electric.



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