Cities around the world are in a race to deliver better air quality to their residents and visitors thereby minimising health impacts, costs to public health services and, ultimately, improving quality of life.

LTC manufactures the black cab in the UK and, supported by our parent company Geely, are investing £300 million in bringing a UK-built range extended electric taxi to London by 2017 and other cities in 2018. We believe that we can be a key driver in ensuring the air quality in the UK, and in cities around the world, returns to safe levels.

We want to lead the charge to zero emission urban transport – and towards the end of this year will release the world’s first zero emission capable purpose-built taxi on to the streets of the UK and Europe.

We believe this is the UK’s opportunity to lead the charge, demonstrating what is possible not just for taxis but for all other forms of road transport. We look forward to giving you further updates in the coming months.

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