This is the official website for our range extended electric taxi, our new vehicle which will be launched in London later this year. This vehicle will be able to cover significant distances in zero emissions mode, and ensure that the taxi trade is leading the charge as cities in the UK and around the world move to improve their air quality.

Designed around the needs of professional drivers, this taxi will use proven electric vehicle technology and the latest advanced materials manufacturing to create a vehicle which substantially reduces fuel costs for drivers whilst reducing emissions in city centres.

As a business, we have seven decades of experience producing purpose built taxis for one of the world’s most demanding markets. This means that we know what it takes to build a cab that can work day-in-day-out on the busy city streets. As a result, our products ensure high levels of functionality, drivability and manoeuvrability.

The new taxi has been designed, engineered and – will be – produced in the UK to the highest manufacturing standards with the support of well-established and trusted European partners. Combining this knowledge and experience with the latest electric vehicle technology means that no city is off limits for this taxi.

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Graham Cain

If this is due for release in september, why have you not given models and price list,
will the batteries be on a rental, if not then how long will they last, what are costs to replace, can we run aircon in summer when waiting on a rank, what effect will this have on battery life.
this is all basic info reqiured, no cab driver will order until these questions are answered.
How long is order time/ delivery


Hi Graham, thank you for your interest. This information has not yet been released, please continue to subscribe to our email updates and it will be shared through there first. The first vehicles will be delivered to drivers in London later in the year.


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