Thanks to the latest structural design processes, advanced materials, passive safety systems, and cutting-edge driver assistance technology, the new Electric Taxi is our safest taxi ever.

As expected of a modern vehicle, a full complement of braking and stability systems such as Anti-lock Braking (ABS), Hill Start Assist, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), help keep TX on the road safely. But even with professional licensed drivers at the wheel, busier city streets mean the risk of collision is always present. That’s why TX adopts the very latest Active Safety Technology to help anticipate and respond to potential dangers on the road, and keep occupants and road users safe.

Assisting drivers with Active Safety Technology

Lane departure warning
Sensors mounted in the windscreen watch the road markings ahead and should the taxi begin to drift out of its lane without indicating, the driver is alerted to avoid a possible collision.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
The same suite of sensors constantly monitors the road ahead to identify potential dangers. If a collision risk is identified the FCW alerts the driver with an audible warning and message on the display console.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
If the driver has taken no action to the FCW and the potential collision is likely to occur, the AEB system applies the brakes automatically to prevent impact. The AEB system not only reacts to solid objects like other vehicles, but can also spot vulnerable road users like pedestrians or cyclists. Capable of functioning at higher speeds, the AEB can reduce the taxi speed by up to 47mph to avoid or reduce the severity of collisions, and for complete extra peace of mind, is always switched on.

Parking Sensors
Parking sensors front (optional) and rear provide audible and visual warnings, and a high-definition colour reversing camera (optional) helps drivers avoid obstacles while maneuvering in reverse.

Road Sign Information
This allows drivers to view the important information and instructions shown on road signs through the driver’s instrument panel, enhancing awareness by making it easier to stay informed of current regulations and warnings.

Speed Assistance System
Cruise control allows the current speed to be effortlessly maintained, while the speed limiter function prevents the taxi from accidentally exceeding the pre-set speed – meaning drivers can focus on the road ahead instead of the speedometer.

Passive Safety features protecting occupants

Complementing the strong underlying structure and advanced driver aids, TX is equipped with a suite of passive safety features which protect occupants from the forces experienced during a collision.

Drivers are protected by a large 60-litre front airbag to cushion the head and chest, as well as a 15-litre side airbag side that works in conjunction with the curtain airbag to protect in the event of a frontal or side impact. The passenger compartment features two full-length curtain airbags that span the passenger compartment and deploy to protect passengers’ head and upper torso. All airbags can fully inflate in just 30 milliseconds, 1/10 of the time it takes to blink, and when combined with seat belts, offer an exceptional level of protection for all occupants.

All seats feature reverse-wound, three-point seatbelts and energy-absorbing headrests to reduce the chance and severity of whiplash related injuries. Forward-facing seats feature load limiters which prevent unsafe forces being applied to the body should a collision occur, while a pre-tensioning system holds the occupant more securely. A visual seatbelt reminder prompts the driver to stay safe, and the collapsible steering column and brake pedal disconnect system provide further protection for drivers. As with all our previous models, the rear cabin is specially designed to assist wheelchair users and those with limited mobility to travel in safety and comfort.


Be one of the first to test drive the new TX

Following the opening of the order book through the private viewings in London, we’re pleased to say our 2017 order book is full and we are now taking orders for delivery in January.

The new TX is launching in dealerships later this year but due to the high demand for test drives from customers that have already placed orders, we are advising anyone that is interested in taking a test drive this year to attend one of the private previews in London. Test drive priority will be given to those placing a fully refundable £500 deposit during the private previews.

Why attend a private preview?

–  Opportunity to test drive the taxi first & secure a build slot with a fully refundable deposit of only £500. There is no obligation to purchase at any stage.
– Take advantage of pre-launch offers such as three years or 100K miles FREE servicing.
-Discover how you could save typically £100/week on fuel by driving the electric taxi.
– Get an up-close-and-personal look at the inside of TX during the private one hour session.
– Learn more about its innovative eCity technology & the comprehensive industry-leading warranty.
– Get detailed information on our competitive finance packages.
– Learn more about servicing & maintenance, government funding, charging infrastructure and much more.


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