The new electric taxi is a union of versatility and driving comfort, combined in a vehicle that is fit for purpose and kinder to the environment…and your wallet.

A powerful electric motor always drives the taxi – quietly and efficiently converting power from the battery into propulsion. Thanks to unrivalled charging flexibility, this battery can be charged either at home or with on-street charge points. It has been designed with the unpredictable nature of a taxi driver’s day to day routine in mind. This means flexibility in charging options and a range-extender to ensure all drivers enjoy the benefits of owning a new electric taxi.

We are excited to announce that the new electric taxi is capable of travelling up to 400 miles in between plug-ins! This is thanks to the small petrol engine (known as a range-extender) which works as a generator, maintaining the state of charge when the battery is depleted. This ensures that the vehicle can continue to run for hundreds of miles before a re-charge is needed.

Allowing drivers to operate a vehicle for up to 400 miles between plug-ins means that the new electric taxi is commercially viable for taxi drivers all over the world. Taxi drivers who travel many miles over varied routes every day have no reason to worry about the level of charge. And because the wheels are always being powered by the battery, the power and performance available to the driver is always consistent, making for a smooth and comfortable ride for both passenger and driver.

Managing your battery

It will always be kinder to your wallet and kinder to the environment to charge up the electric taxi from a dedicated charge point (either at home or from an on-street charge point). As a result, the new electric taxi helps to operate exclusively on battery energy as much as possible by offering clear and simple monitoring systems and visual displays making the driver permanently aware of the amount of range and charge that remains.

The electric drive motor and petrol range-extender work together seamlessly to deliver the optimum efficiency for the operating conditions. Drivers are also able to manage energy usage manually by alternating between different drive modes, via a touch screen in the centre console. The three different drive modes available are described below.

SMART mode intelligently operates the vehicle in the most efficient way, switching between battery and range-extender where appropriate.

In PURE EV mode the petrol range-extender is disabled and only battery power is used to drive, using no fuel and producing zero-emissions. Drivers are kept informed on the level of charge, and indicators advise drivers when to select an alternative drive mode as the battery charge is depleted.

For maximum flexibility, SAVE mode runs the range-extender to conserve the battery charge for later use. The best example of the ingenious SAVE mode being put to practical use is for taxi drivers that commute to the city from many miles away. Simply select SAVE mode when leaving home and your 100% charge will be maintained during your entire commute. Once entering the city limits or low emission zone simply switch to PURE EV mode for many miles of completely emission free operation. At the end of a shift the return home on SMART mode ensures that you’ll have plenty of range to get home. Simply plug in overnight to do it all again the next day.

Charging the battery by coasting or braking… giving drivers free energy!

Complimenting the intelligent energy management systems, the new electric taxi employs regenerative coasting and braking. Kinetic energy normally lost as the vehicle slows is instead captured and converted into stored energy. This means every time a driver coasts or puts their foot on the brake, the energy is cleverly diverted back to the battery. What’s more, the level of regeneration can be adjusted to suit a driver’s preference and driving style.

The electric taxi utilises the next generation of smart vehicle technology which has been specifically designed to suit the next generation of smart taxi drivers. By utilising electric power and managing power usage intelligently, the new electric taxi offers (for the first time) a commercially viable, clean, green alternative to the traditional diesel taxi. In doing so it also offers the taxi driver the opportunity to drastically reduce their running costs at the same time as helping to clean up our cities.

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Azir Aziz

Congratulations for the wonderful designing a new taxi and it looks very unique I’m looking forward for a test drive..best wishes for the future…


Thanks Azir – the TX goes on sale in London in Q4 of this year, and the rest of the UK and continental Europe in 2018. You’ll also be able to see and experience the new taxi in person later this year, when we put the all-new TX on the streets of London in the hands of licensed taxi drivers.


Just too good to be s truth.
However if this is a trurh it will definitely come at a heavy high price.With the work so bad LTC must be very much in a dreamland of good sales of this cab.


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