Electricity as a fuel is much cheaper than diesel or petrol, so if you maximise the use of electrical energy - not only is it better for the environment - the fuel savings really add up! 

Read a detailed description of how you could save £100 per week on fuel

Find out how much you could save by switching to TX using our interactive running cost comparison tool. 

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Reasons to believe, IN THE WORDS OF CABBIES, passengers & others
@T____V: "Get a txe you will save loads of money 💰💰💰"
We're really pleased to here @c_______0 is enjoying his cab, and lowering his operating costs: "Best cab there is, saving a fortune and not doing extra hours to do it."
Great to see Mr. L is clearly taking advantage of the cost savings available by switching to TX. With a "monthly fuel bill for October Petrol £18.56 Electricity £67.74 total £86.30, saving £139.90, more than recovered the extra cost of the vehicle and it’s so much nicer to drive than my euro6"
Great to see Mr. S is reducing his operating costs (while also reducing harmful emissions), compared to his old taxi, TX is clearly cheaper to run: "First week shift finished...last weeks fuel bill was £165 this week it’s £50 (£22.00 electric £28.00 petrol) saved £115"