Electricity as a fuel is much cheaper than diesel or petrol, so if you maximise the use of electrical energy - not only is it better for the environment - the fuel savings really add up! 

Read a detailed description of how you could save £110 per week on fuel

Find out how much you could save by switching to TX using our interactive running cost comparison tool. 

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Reasons to believe, IN THE WORDS OF CABBIES & passengers
"saving a small fortune in fuel, usually spend £400-450 a month on diesel this month looks to be around £170 electric and petrol all in 👍"
November 2018
"got mine 3 weeks ago, worked in it for 12 days solid, wasn't even tired after 12 days, I saved 240 quid on fuel ⛽"
"Completed my first few shifts in my TXe. Love it to bits. Saved £75. Feel fresh and relaxed on my day off instead of in recovery."
"Had one now for 6 months. Saving between 400 to 500 after paying for electric per month."
"even I was shocked to find my fuel costs have fallen from 23p per mile (TX4 Euro6) to 8.31p per mile (in the TX3). Meaning a saving on 10,000 miles would be a massive £1469.00...I couldn't be happier"
""Fuel" cost on the TXE full shift at night with heater on 20 most of the time  Total miles 99.8 electricity used was approx 48kw so 48kw fast charge 50k at say 25p per kw =£12 48kw Slow charge at 12.5p per kw ( home ) = £6"
"Txe is the cheapest cab ive ever bought when u factor in running costs its cheaper than my freehold Vito & i can back those figures up"
"Get a txe you will save loads of money 💰💰💰"
"Best cab there is, saving a fortune and not doing extra hours to do it."
"monthly fuel bill for October Petrol £18.56 Electricity £67.74 total £86.30, saving £139.90, more than recovered the extra cost of the vehicle and it’s so much nicer to drive than my euro6"
"First week shift finished...last weeks fuel bill was £165 this week it’s £50 (£22.00 electric £28.00 petrol) saved £115"