There are many reasons to make the switch to TX and believe in it as the future of the taxi trade.
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#1 Save £24,155 over your finance term

Electricity as a fuel is much cheaper than diesel or petrol, so if you maximise the use of electrical energy - not only is it better for the environment - the fuel savings really add up! 

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#2 The nation supports you

The nation supports taxi drivers in making the switch to TX, with £7,500 grants towards electric taxi purchases and an additional £500 towards home charging units.

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#3 Be like Harry 

Harry saves £100 a week on fuel now he’s switched to a TX, which means he can afford an extra day off each week – be like Harry.  Find out how much you could save by switching to TX using our interactive comparison tool.

#4 5 Star All Inclusive  

With 5yrs unlimited mileage battery warranty, 3yrs full vehicle warranty and 3yrs servicing included, you can enjoy peace of mind with our all-inclusive packages. Learn more about our market-leading warranty and market-leading service intervals.

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#5 A full charge for less than a latte  

Fully charge your TX for less than £3 - that’s less than your morning latte. Find out how much your electric charging will cost.

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#6 Save up to £5,000 every year! 

You can save £100 a week when switching from diesel to electric, which could pay for the dream holiday you’ve always wanted. Discover how much you could save by comparing the running cost of TX to your current taxi.

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