Reasons to believe, IN THE WORDS OF CABBIES, passengers & others
"I was knackered after 5-6 in a TX4 now I can do a full shift and go in most days and not be tired so for me personally I'm earning loads more money but everyone is different"
December 2018
"Less noise=less stress. Didnt realise how annoying it is until you take it away. 👍 "
november 2018
"I used to stop and get a microwaved dinner from Piccolo etc every night, now cook a healthy bit of food to eat and go for a 15 min walk mid shift. Put your apps on towards the end of your charge and you'll get offered a job. Can't believe I sat in a cab for hours without walkin"
may 2018
Electric vehicles reduce stress behind the wheel! Brain monitoring technology, used for the first time on drivers, found that electric vehicles make drivers calmer, happier and more focused. > Read the finding here