Harry saves £110* per week on fuel now he's switched to a TX, which means he can afford an extra day off each week to enjoy the finer things in life. Be like Harry.

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Reasons to believe, IN THE WORDS OF CABBIES & passengers
may 2019
“Would I get into w tx4 now? Helll to the no. Wouldn’t go back to driving a diesel cab again.”
"Had mine a month now, absolutely love it, there may be a few niggles on the way but hopefully most have been ironed out, I've had none so far *touch..."
January 2019
"Got mine just before Christmas.. Fill it up £34 got 850 miles out of it.. Next time £36 got 600 miles (heater on).. Was putting in £100- £125 a week in before so a big saving..."
November 2018
"I’ve had no regrets, it’s the best cab by far. I don’t have a home charger and it’s still so much cheaper to run."
"I had a 67 plate Vito ok I always rent but suits me and i am quids in but even if I wasn't I would of still chose the TXE I love it"
"I put my diesel money that I would have spent in a seperate account every week, currently sitting on 2 and a half grand since I've had it" 
"get to go play golf after work, and still have a social life, now I'm reducing my expenses further might even get some fishing in"