# drivers love it  
Reasons to believe, IN THE WORDS OF CABBIES & passengers
MARCH 2019
"Lol don't listen to the haters. You and your customers will absolutely love it! The one thing all passengers comment on is how comfortable it is in the back. You will not regret your purchase! Be lucky."  
March 2019
"Apart from THE squeak (quickly fixed), mines been fault free, 31k in 9 months, not so much as reboot 👍. Have had a new cab annually for 14 years, txe far & away the best so far. Saves me £16/day, 6 days/week. Prob cheapest cab ive ever rented incl fuel."
March 2019
"Brilliant cab saves you lots of money." 
March 2019
"I've got one and it's nuts. Comfortable, quiet and people love them. It will go wrong cabs did as well. It's expensive but so is a holiday in Dubai. I LOVE IT."  
March 2019
"First day in my new @LondonEVCompany electric taxi yesterday and I absolutely love it. Without doubt it's the best cab ever made. The ride is smooth and comfortable and it's helping clean up London's air quality.  @MayorofLondon"
 February 2019
"Two and spoke to an owner at an InstaVolt. Rapid in Machester who loves his. He stated that if he had to go back to diesel then he would quit the business!"
january 2019
"Saving on fuel repaying Black Horse i put 25k down.plus the saving on road tax, servicing, RAC, wi fi, 5 year warranty, plus i love going to work now what price is that worth, yes had a windscreen cracked replaced under warranty at a convenient time. Had cab 4 months love it."