The drive battery fitted to TX has been developed in conjunction with LG Chem, the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer.  The gross capacity of the battery is 31kWh and around three-quarters of this is what’s known as ‘usable energy’.  This means that a full charge, from 100% down to 0% on the battery charge indicator, represents 23 kWh of energy.

Where does the rest of the energy go?

The remaining energy, around 8kWh, is invisible to the driver and is not directly used to drive the vehicle. This energy is used to ensure reliability; for example, ensuring sufficient power is retained to restart the range-extender when the electric range is depleted, even if the cab is left unused for an extended time with an ‘empty’ battery.  It also helps to extend the battery’s life; lithium-ion batteries can be prematurely degraded by being completely depleted. When the gauge reads zero and there appears to be no charge remaining, in reality residual charge remains to avoid damaging the battery.

How can I unlock the extra range?

Different battery and drivetrain technologies, as well as the expected operating environment and lifespan of vehicles, can influence the amount of reserve energy protected in this way. Some manufacturers even intentionally restrict the available capacity of their batteries in order to charge a premium for the full range. This is not the case for TX; it is not possible to access the reserve capacity and we have no plans to reduce it as this could introduce potential risks around the performance and longevity of the battery.

We believe eCity technology offers the best real-world solution for drivers, combining clean and efficient pure electric operation with the flexibility of a range-extender.  The battery chosen for TX balances a variety of factors, from operating environment, range requirements, charging opportunity, speed and time to vehicle size, weight and cost. We believe the battery capacity provided is appropriate for a purpose-built taxi used predominantly in urban environments and meets the needs of most operators.

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