Passenger comfort and experience was - and is - an integral part of the TX’s design philosophy. The electric taxi has been designed from the word go to be the pinnacle of hassle-free travel in the city.

A sense of occasion

First impressions really count. The TX’s limousine-style coach doors create a real sense of occasion, and open up to reveal full-size seating for up to six passengers. Once inside, passengers are also offered ample headroom thanks to a generous ceiling height. Body-length windows and a panoramic glass roof then add to the feel of the spacious, light, and airy feel of the interior.

In fact, the panoramic glass roof is the No.1 feature TX drivers receive regular comments and feedback on. From seeing a different side to city landmarks to just seeing the open sky above them, the TX really does give passengers a brighter outlook on the world around them.

There’s also a range of further features inside that are designed to make the passenger experience one of the safest, most user-friendly, and enjoyable taxi rides in the world.

A connected cab

With free WiFi availability and USB ports on board, the TX makes getting connected and working on the go easy and straightforward. And after their first ride in a TX, many passengers want to stay connected too. TX owners are seeing incremental work to their business, as passengers ask for business cards and contact details to make sure their next taxi ride is in an electric cab.

The most accessible black cab

The TX is also the most accessible black cab LEVC has ever made, providing easy entry and exit for wheelchair users via a discreet access ramp integrated into the floorspace. Made with lightweight materials, the ramp can be quickly deployed, and its access angle is completely adjustable. With a hearing induction loop, as well as braille embossed controls and a driver-passenger microphone system, the TX is a taxi designed to make cities accessible to all.

Alongside the space, comfort and accessibility on offer, the TX is underpinned by whisper-quiet, electric, eCity technology, adding quiet refinement and a smooth ride to further enhance the passenger experience.

Whether it’s being able to accommodate up to six people comfortably, delivering superior ride quality, or giving peace of mind because of its enhanced safety features, the TX really does stand out in the ranks from a passenger point of view.

A new video on the LEVC website sees driver’s sharing the direct feedback from their passengers.

[Hear what passengers think of TX herE]

The new TX really is the talk of the town. Make sure you’re part of the conversation. Tell us what you think of new TX #reasonstobelieve.

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Bob Harrop

I retired as a London taxi driver a couple of years ago. First ride in an electric cab yesterday. No comparison!! Spacious,quiet and and smooth. No time to chat with driver soI didn’t ask him what the range is.


Hi Bob thanks for the feedback, the official electric-only range is 81.4. If you’d like to learn more about TX you can get a free copy of our brochure at levc.com.


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