Thanks to new eCity technology and market-leading service intervals, owning a TX means more time on the road and fewer trips to your approved LEVC service dealer.

In fact, the new TX boasts recommended service intervals of an impressive 25,000 miles. And, even when we do see you, there’ll be less for us to do when compared to our previous models. Best still, the TX comes with a free servicing package of 3 years or 75,000 miles, whichever occurs sooner, for servicing at any LEVC TX authorised dealer.

Our electric motors come with reliability and simplicity built in. There are no fluids to top up, and fewer moving and serviceable parts to check wear and tear on. And, as the electric motor drives the taxi, it also means there’s no traditional gearbox to inspect or maintain. You won’t have to worry about the battery either. It’s been extensively tested over millions of miles, in all conditions and environments, to ensure it never lets you down during the long working life of your taxi.

Of course, every TX is also fitted with a petrol range-extender, and this will require maintenance similar to a conventional vehicle. But, whether racking up electric miles or range-extended ones, only an authorised LEVC service dealer can take the best possible care of your TX.

Many other systems and efficiencies that the TX boasts as standard also contribute to reducing your service and maintenance costs. For instance, energy recovery mechanisms, such as regenerative braking, not only help improve the electric range, but also mean you’ll see less wear on the brake pads, extending their lifespan. Even refueling less often means you’ll spend more time on the road, making the most of the profit potential the new TX offers its owners.

However, on the rare occasion you do need to visit an authorised LEVC service dealer, you can be assured of our manufacturer-backed expertise. Only those within our authorised network are provided with the necessary training, support, tools, and technical know-how to work on an advanced vehicle like the TX. It’s also what enables them to provide a professional and efficient service, with a quick turnaround and minimal downtime.

For even further peace of mind, don’t forget that the new TX comes with a three-year, fully comprehensive mechanical warranty, that covers you up to 120,000 miles. In addition, the battery is covered by an industry-leading five-year, unlimited mileage warranty

That means you can count on a hassle-free ownership experience, with no unforeseen repair costs. All non-wearing components, from motors to ball joints to bushes, are covered against manufacturing defects.

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