It is estimated the professional drivers can save around £100 a week when they switch to the TX electric taxi.* Over five years, that could lead to a saving of over £24k! What would you spend that on?
And in truth, our figures are extremely conservative. Our calculations are based on an average price of fuel from April this year. In the real-world, we all know prices have sky-rocketed since then. So, you’re likely to see even greater savings.


TX4 LE Euro 6

The New TX

Fuel Economy

33 mpg

36.7 mpg (range extender)

217.3 (Combined

CO2 Emissions

222 g/km

29 g/km

Weekly Fuel Cost



We’ve assumed that as a professional taxi driver, you’ll clock up around 120 miles per day, over five days each week. If you were driving a previous model, such as the TX4 Euro 6, you could expect a weekly fuel bill of around £140.

With the new TX, you’ll be able to recharge the battery overnight and leave fully charged each morning. That will cost you just £14 per week and if you’re on an economy 7 tariff, that cost could be even lower.
Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in our towns and cities is improving all the time. So, topping up the battery for about 45-60 minutes a day should be easy. But you’ll find it affordable too. Even if you visit one of the increasing numbers of fast charging points, you’ll still only see an average cost of about 21p per kWh. Another benefit of a fast charging point is you can top up your battery charge in the time it takes to grab a cuppa and your lunch. And, cost wise, this still only adds around £17 per week, taking us to a total of £31 so far, to charge TX.

When adjusted for real-world conditions, a full charge will take you approximately 64 miles on pure electrical energy. Taking into consideration getting a full charge overnight, and a top up during the day, that means you should be able to cover over 100 emissions-free miles every day. Thanks to the flexible eCity drivetrain, the remainder can then be covered using the petrol range-extender, without the need to stop again to recharge.

As a result, the TX can travel up to 533 miles per week on pure electric energy. If you’re clocking up 120 miles per day as we suggest, that means only 67 miles of your 600-total need to be covered by the petrol range extender. And as the range-extender isn’t powering the drivetrain, not only should you still be able to achieve the officially stated fuel consumption of 36.7 mpg, you’ll still spend only around £12 per week based on the stated average costs of fuel.

So, with all the variables considered, we estimate a total weekly fuel bill of £43, compared to £140 in the previous model. And that could save you as much as £97 per week.
Calculate your fuel cost savings when switching to TX at

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