Designing a taxi that is kind to its wearable components also helps to extend their life, reducing the need for replacement parts and further time spent off the road and expense.  For example, the innovative dual-axis front suspension provides TX with unparalleled levels of manoeuvrability yet minimises the camber of the wheels when steering lock is applied, preventing premature wear to the shoulders of the tyre that would reduce their usable life.  Throughout the design process we worked closely with our tyre partner, Maxxis, to develop a tyre compound uniquely suited to TX and its working environment, providing optimal levels of road-holding, refinement and wear life.

eCity technology also features regenerative braking, using the drive motor to slow the cab and redirect this energy as electrical charge into the drive battery. This not only extends the electric range and overall efficiency; it reduces the use of the mechanical braking system, minimising wear and extending the life of the pads and discs. In fact, in a test environment, the brake pads fitted to TX last around 50,000 miles* (*brake wear is directly related to operating environment and driving style and the lifespan will vary).

Our service and wear parts are subject to the same quality, safety and durability requirements as components fitted on the production line, ensuring the performance of your cab is maintained throughout its life. Although alternative aftermarket products may be available, only LEVC genuine replacement parts are guaranteed to meet the exacting standards set by our engineers, ensuring perfect fitment and reliable service.

Example wear parts prices are shown below (prices correct August 2018):





Tyre (215/65/R17 103H)




Front brake pads




Rear brake pads




Front brake disc




Rear brake disc




Front wiper blade




Rear wiper blade




Headlight bulb

N/A (LED long-life)

Tail light bulb

N/A (LED long life)

LEVC Genuine parts are available directly from your authorised repairer.  Please visit LEVC.co.uk to find and contact your nearest dealer.

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